Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seasons of Change

I'm going to post on my blog today without anything in mind to say.  Let's see, today's Sunday, the sabbath day.  I have a cold in the beginning to intermediate stage, so I'm sluffing church.  It's not that I am too sick to go, but I'm perty sure I'm at the most contagious point right now.  So, for the good of mankind, or at least my ward, I ain't goin'. 

I've been feeling the Spirit of the Lord strongly lately.  The idea to do a Book of Mormon blog came from The Church's recent General Conference earlier this month.  There seemed to be a general theme in several of the talks centering on The Book of Mormon, missionary work, and using the technology available to help in any way possible.  I ain't too hip on all the tech of today's world so I might be doing a sloppy job, but I'm doing my best.  You can check it out by clicking on the Book of Mormon tab above.

In other news, Emilie's son McKay comes home from his mission in 2 days.  This event will prove a theory of mine.  That theory is this:  No matter how far away a particular, anxiously awaited for event seems to be, it will eventually come.  You think I'm being funny, but I really am fascinated by this.  You might be anxious for graduation from college, but it seems so far away that it is difficult to think of it in this reality.  And as time goes on, the event really isn't getting any closer, at least it feels that way.  Every once in a while you hit a milestone, like a new year or something, but actually, the closer you get, the less real it seems. 

The TV in my bedroom has a channel guide on channel 22 that scrolls through all the channels continuously.  From 2 to 81, it never stops rolling.  I'll turn it to 22 to see whats on, say Turner Classic Movies, channel 78, and it never fails that it will just be scrolling through channel 5 or 6 or something.  So, I have to wait and wait and wait for 78 to finally come by.  Sometimes I'll watch until it comes.  Other times I turn it for a minute and then check back.  Dang it!! It's on channel 8 again; missed it!  Anywayz, point is, 78 will come, whether you stare at the TV with baited breath, or go back to your sewing, or impatiently turn the channel to something else for a minute, or whatever.  And when 78 does come, I suggest you pay attention, 'cause that sucker will come and go in a matter of seconds.

Emilie has missed McKay badly.  So has his Dad, I'm sure, as well as grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.  I've even missed him, and I barely knew him when he left.  We dropped McKay off at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) 2 years ago.  I ain't gonna say the time went by fast or slow, it took about 2 years.  The brain just attacks these kinds of things weirdly.  Thinking that the wait is over, and we'll see him in 2 days tends to freak us out.  Why is that?  See, it's interesting.  Well, it is to me.

I remember leaving for my mission in January of '87.  At the time, January of '89 seemed so far off, and as the time clicked by it seemed to both move slowly and fast at the same time.  On January 17, 1989 I had 2 days left in the mission field.  What a surreal feeling that was.  And now that it's been almost 23 years since then, that just seems silly now.

I wonder what it will feel like to die and pass through the veil?  I wonder how time will feel to us then?  I've thought about that a lot, actually.  I wonder if I'll be able to mingle with those spirits who haven't had their turn on earth yet.  Will they ask me how it was down there?  What will my answer be?  At different times of my life, I have thought of different answers.  There have been times when my answer would have been, "Dude, don't do it, man.  It sucks down there."  If I died today, I would sing mortality's praises, and be as encouraging as I possibly could.  What's the difference?  Emilie.

One of our engagement pics, taken by a great artist, Em's brother Parker.

Two roads diverged in the wood.  One path held life with Emilie and the other life without her.  I chose the road more scary at the time, and that has made all the difference.

Thanks for listening...


  1. Awe, that is so great! I love your words and that last picture!

  2. My understanding (which is code for "I'm too lazy to find the actual reference") is that the Pre-mortal world is with God, and the Spirit World is here on earth - so odds of dissuading unsuspecting spirits from making the trip seem pretty slim.

    Besides, how depressing for them! They've waited thousands of years - almost to the very end - and then one of us, having a bad day, tells them it sucks.

    I am glad you are enjoying life today. Get better soon.