Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, 2012

It's the night before Valentine's Day & I thought I might throw together a post to put on this near forgotten blog.  I meant to get to this much earlier today, but I was much cumbered about with menial toil.  The lawn-dairy-creamer (laundry, I don't know why I call it that) needed folded and the dishes needed doin'.  After that the time was mine from then (11:30am) until Em got home from work (12:00pm).  Yeah, I didn't get much done there.  Since then, Em & I made a trip to 3 stores and 2 banks, and I went to the Periodontist while she stayed within becken distance of Sydnie 'cause of her not feeling too good still.  After that I had to stir Syd's yakisoba while Em made ready her famous crust to go with her homemade pot pie.  Since we were out of flour, I went next door to the neighbor's and borrowed 3 cups from them.  I don't mind going, since it's my sister.  I took my sister (Susie) the Valentine's cookies I ordered from the girls at church to fund their camp this summer.  They were meant for Em and Sydnie (Em's youngest), but they recently bouted with a not fun trip down Tummy Flu Blvd during the making of these same type of cookies for the girls at church, and they ain't too keen on sugar cookies right now.  I was glad to give Susie some cookies, especially since we have 5 dozen over here & only me to eat 'em.  That finished, now I can blog...

Here's a little poem I wrote.  You might want to sing it note for note, but don't worry, it's not too awful long.  I wrote this for Em's birthday a few months before we got married.  It has within it true feelings of happiness, anxiousness, loneliness, love, poor self image-ness, faithfulness and hope.  These and others were a deep part of me.  I think she dug the poem.  Please pardon my weirdo rhymo style.

So, here goes...

Clouds of blue, sky of white
Mountains lay low, valleys of great height
Man floats on air, bird flies a kite
What is amiss in this poem of delight?
Everything's backwards, but the pieces fit right

Heart covered with frost to hide from attack
Life seemed over, I was hitting the sack
Hope drained dry, causing faith to lack
Love is not in the cards, it’s too late to go back
But I continued to pray, hoping the heavens would crack

Months and seconds, hours and years
Time layers on all kinds of fears
God is above us; in our hearts he does peer
Doubt not His love, and be of good cheer
He will give what we need, if His counsel we hear

Out of the sky she appeared, right out of the blue
Swept around like an apron, and fit like a shoe
The cards dealt me a queen, it couldn’t be true
I gave up 2 years ago, I thought I was through
But there she was saying, “John, I love you.”

Unbelieving at first, and a little bit scared
Everything’s backwards, I was not prepared
The Lord said “Patience, John, I know this is weird.”
She hung on to me tight, my heart slowly bared
And like the backwards man above, I floated on air

Weekends together, weekdays apart
Our courtship moves forward, like Martin’s handcart
Picnics by a river, and trips to Walmart
Meet me on the bus, at 7:15 we’ll depart
In St. George we shopped and put rings on our heart

I’m glad there was family to give me a shove
I have life again, and hope flies like a dove
My thanks to Emilie, and love to God above
My thanks to my Heavenly Father, and to Emilie my love

-John Barney 10/1/09

It's been more 'n 2 years since then.  This is our 3rd Valentine's as a married peoples.  The gratitude expressed in this poem to my Father in Heaven for answering my prayers and sending Em to me is real and heartfelt, but it pales in comparison to what I feel today.  I loved her then, truly and sincerely, but nothing like now.  It makes me wonder what the future my heart holds.  It's gonna be gravy, man! 

This is the single most important text ever sent in the history of my future:

Notice how fast she answered me, notwithstanding my great tackiness in proposing this way.  I pressed send as soon as I bought her ring, and while she was still buying mine. 

I love you, Emilie.  Will you be my Valentine forever?  Please?

Thanks for listening...


  1. Beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day lovebirds! (I must say that I did notice that it took her an entire hour to respond in the affirmative. I imagine she was waltzing around her house singing like in a musical.)

    1. Check the picture again, man. 1 minute, and that was while she was signing the card receipt :)

    2. Oops, she was signed in. See how intertwined we are?

  3. Ah. I misread - I looked at the 19:44/20:43 as military time. Congrats on the quick response! Now tell me: How long had she been waiting for you to "man up" and pop the question?

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  5. Wow! You express your feelings so well. My inability to use the English language only brings to mind -- wow and thanks :)

    Thank you for waiting for me, for being my best friend and eternal companion. Em

  6. And I'm crying over here, so thanks for that.